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Scania P & G Series by Wolfi & Nazgul v1.0 by Sogard3
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Scania P & G Series by Wolfi & Nazgul v1.0 by Sogard3

Scania P & G Series by Wolfi & Nazgûl v1.0 by Sogard3 for Ets2 1.31.x game version

This mod its standalone in dealer like R4 series by RJL but it uses the scania R chassis for the cables!

Version 0.9:
- Updated dealer files and added to truck browser.
- Updated all chassis for 1.31.
- Fixed some bugs like missing Scania logo or missing spoiler parts.

New version 1.0:
- Fixed cables for short and day cabs(Sometimes the chassis disappears and
you need to select manual, chassis only stock(black) for short and day).
- Fixed some bugs.
- Removed the old towers and old airhose.
- You need to put cables manual.

You still need the RJL Scania R to use them!

Known issues:
- Spoiles for G series are not fiting perfectly.
- Custom rear bumpers crashing and removed them.

RJL, Wolfi, Nazg├╗l, Sogard3

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