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Scania P Series by Wolfi & Nazgûl updated by Sogard3 v1.3
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Scania P Series by Wolfi & Nazgûl updated by Sogard3 v1.3

Changelog 1.3:
- Added 60 5s series interiors for each series(Short, Day, Low, Normal & Highline cabins).(120 in total).
- Added missing interior tunnel on UK interiors and on the exterior view for P series.
- Reworked 6 series interiors.
- Added DLC compatibility for all new interiors.
- Fixed deflectors position on UK interiors for P series Short & Day cabins.
- Reworked the top of the Normal, Highline and Topline cabins.
- Reworked spoilers for the new top of the cabins.
- Fixed some textures on the cabins.
- Fixed Euro5 & 6 side badges on P series.

I decided to update the P  mods, thanks to Wolfi for let me edit his mod!
This mod its standalone in dealer like R4 series by RJL but it uses the scania R chassis for the cables!
You still need the RJL Scania R

RJL, Wolfi, Nazgûl, ValheinXL(Fix), Sogard3.

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