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Scania P Standalone (GT-Mike port) v1.5 1.32.x
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Scania P Standalone (GT-Mike port) v1.5 1.32.x

Hi guys,
I have the permission to post this mod.
This is a standalone port of GT-Mikes SCS Scania R->P replacer mod!
It adds a new Scania P truck to your local Scania dealer! All of the stock tuning options work.
For Mighty Griffin and DLC tuning options you need the right patch to be activated above this truck.
If you are missing a DLC, you will see a missing icon and if you select said item, the game will crash. But the ones you have will work fine.
The mod is limited to what was/is available in real life. So no V8 engines, the most powerful engine you can get is a 450hp unit.
The stock Scania template should work just fine.
Streamline cabins are available if you chose Streamline chassis.
This mod is for game version 1.27 and above!


GT-Mike, galimim,SCS

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