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Scania R bi-truck v2.0 by Conbar
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Scania R bi-truck v2.0 by Conbar

Super Scania made ​​by Conbar.
Now in version 2.0 has the following characteristics:
– Aerials before pegylated fixed
are now optional, it has dual front, only the left, only the direct and still have the option ago antenna, dual, on the left or right.
– The rear tanks now has two types, one being one or double.
– Upper front grille now has her original; paintable and chrome.
– Lower grille is unique; paintable; chrome and black.
– Parachoque has two types, the original and other lower paintable.
– Glass has five options: dark medium, black, and 3 more color: blue, red and green.
– Speedline wheels.
– Pack tabs chrome.


  • Space cam
    2016-02-11 15:37
    this mod is a nice mod i love it, but one fault with this mod it disables some of the Renault mods i have in my game at my Renault dealer
  • Dx2lpma
    2016-10-16 20:26
    Mod doesn't work. Game crashes when trying to start up. I have traced it down to the ## Scania bitruck Conbar V2.0.scs (not the sound file).
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