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SCANIA R Danmark class edition
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SCANIA R Danmark class edition

So, it’s time for share this mod with all players.
Scania R class truck, maded and edited by Danmark style and details. And in this truck you will get:
-Scania R class truck
-Scania interior
-Scania tandem version
-Scania interior
-Scania Vabis steering wheel
-Special bullbar
-Michelins which have a blur light
-Special wheels
Tested – 1.15
Enjoy this mod.

Rudolf, Danertko, Marsturpre, Jurek, Zagustjek, Rany, Reis

  • Terje
    2015-01-11 12:57
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    Fake mod!!!!dont download it,just a scania r2008..not the truck on the picture..
  • Olivier
    2015-01-11 14:23
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    exciste not found
  • Scaniafreak
    2015-01-18 10:42
    0 0
    Fake really fake, it says it's the Danmark version but in the Scania dealer it says Scania r2008 that's it look further if you want a cool Scania tandem
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