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Scania R SCS Tuning Beta 2 by Zeeuwse Trucker
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Scania R SCS Tuning Beta 2 by Zeeuwse Trucker

Bèta 2 version of the Scania R standard SCS truck.
fixt some bugs
add low chassis 6x
removed some parts , bumper low new, add 5 series interior with exterior, some steeringwheels are not good texture, working on that.
template not yet sorry
look for your self add more new stuff.

Zeeuwse Trucker/SCS/RJL/Piva/Longlinerv8/modteam poland/and more

  • Cruise
    2016-12-24 13:52
    Uploader - mods_ats !!!
  • Scania trucker marc
    2016-12-30 15:59
    Hi Zeeuwse Trucker,I have a question about one of the backbumpers with the large mudflap, wen i activate my left blinker the word scania in the center begins to blink allso and wen i activate my right blinker the word scania does not blink is that normal?
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