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Scania R500 Tijsterman en Pronk Combie 1.18
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Scania R500 Tijsterman en Pronk Combie 1.18

This is the scania R500 combo by LONGLINERV8 and peerke145.
this mod is working on 1.17.x and 1.18.x this is the real tysterman en pronk scania bulded bij my end peerke145 afther a long long time i put this truck for download to share white you i hoop that you enjoy this release of the truck

the trailer is included working on going east and scandanavian DLC

fastalex - improving the base cab and transforming it into a R type II Scania
Mr. poland and anaheim - the base truck
FChriss - converting and bug fixing
50_keda - fixing the sides and the front bumper
Ventyres - Wheels

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