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SCANIA R, G, P v1.0
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SCANIA R, G, P v1.0

-Added optional 3D-badges (stock, paint, fullpaint, chrome)
-Added MAN-tail lights
-Added combined brake and tail lights
-Added yellow bumper lights
-Added short spoilers
-Reworked Stock and Streamline sunvisors + added new options for them (full paint, no built-in high beams)
-Improved Custom headlights
-Equipment tower is now removable/optional
-Euro 6 badge is now removable/optional
-All engines (Euro 3 – Euro 6) are now available for both 5- and 6-series
-Darkened color of cabin side panels and chassis frame
-Changed unlock levels of some parts
-Bug fixes and some other small changes
+Something other new stuff, but you have to find it yourself
-added compatibility with RJL’s mod v 1.5
-removed endine and sound files, mod now uses the same engines and sounds as RJL’s mod – no more compatibility issues
-added short spoilers for P & G series
-badges for P and G are not available yet
-base mod: RJL’s Scania R&Streamline modifications v 1.5
-P & G series addon: GT-Mike
-models: GT-Mike, RJL, SCS software


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