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Scania RJL Weeda Style by Zeeuwse Trucker
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Scania RJL Weeda Style by Zeeuwse Trucker

Hello Weeda fan’s, i made an add_on for RJL Scania mod in Weeda style. Be shore you have the mod from RJL. I have made the mod for my own use, and i am happy with it. It is not perfect, that is because i am just learning Blender. So after weeks of work sweat tears three new keyboards, it’s finally there…it may have some minor bugs but he…i’m happy! And…i like to share with you.
It can not be used with my earlier mod, so back it up if you have that.
give this new mod a higher priority.
I would thank longlinerV8 for his fantastic tutorials in Blender. I used parts from different older mods, and som i created myself. If you think that you see something that you have created be happy to put your name here, and thanks for your creation for that matter. We all use things from others don’t we? i wish you all happy driving, hope you like it.
perhaps someone can make a video because i can’t. i only have a very bad video made with a phone, sorry for that.

Authors: zeeuwse_trucker / scs / RJL / 50Keda / LonglinerV8

  • Chris429
    2016-08-16 12:37
    [ETS2 v1.20 - v1.22] DAF 106.510 Weeda + Interior - YouTubeWho can add this truck because its the wrong file ....?
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