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SCANIA Ruttners + NTM Ruttners v1.0
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SCANIA Ruttners + NTM Ruttners v1.0

High quality of 3D Models. Include Interior, Wheels, Sound
Have a fun.
Game Version 1.30 and up
Author: Caspian Customs Team

Caspian Customs Team

  • Dutchliner
    2018-04-02 11:13
  • Dutchliner
    2018-04-02 11:18
    PWT in archive. lol
  • Marlin
    2018-04-02 15:07
    ats mods fac you bich сука тупая тварь гей петух бомж
  • Dutchliner
    2018-04-02 18:32
    Что Marlin ,думал новый приват слили???хахахах.наивный ты пидор!
  • Marlin
    2018-04-03 00:08
    DUTCHLINER дебил иджи на хуй даун сука тупая ишак блять ебало закрой мне на хуй не надо ясно гей блять просто этот человек мразь на хуй как ты сука тупая
  • Marlin
    2018-04-03 01:22
    DUTCHLINER ах да даун я знаю кто сливает ваши приваты двид тл ищи на фейсе олень
  • John young
    2018-04-03 18:09
    Be careful, this private author is stolen by MODS. Thank you!!
  • Marlin
    2018-04-03 20:10
    хааххахахаххах джон янг или ты гна хуй долбаёб окей
  • Guest
    2018-04-04 11:41
    Why everyone think this is the mod from the picture? First of all, there is only one picture. Second someone mentioned it be4, this is the PWT Thermo truck. Last but not least this is uploaded by the great faker from this side! I guess it is the same one who runs this shit side with all stolen stuff. A russian group of thieves. Either they sell mods or they upload stolen paid mods. What is wrong with you guys??? No wonder talented modders keep their stuff!
  •  john young
    2018-04-09 08:29
    I don't know the dirty words of Russian!!! 我唔明俄語粗口乜呀!!!
  • John young
    2018-04-09 08:38
    Guest I promise not to tell anyone, this private FB sells mods to blow money.
  •  john young
    2018-04-10 05:58
    I laugh, I am not to kill Hitler!! What do you say! I'm not a party!
  •  john young
    2018-04-10 06:08
    Marlin I don't talk about politics, I have nothing to do with politics!!!
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