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Scania S & R 2016 Development 1.30
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Scania S & R 2016 Development 1.30

made some enhancements that only apply to the Scania SR 2016 models, as you have enabled Friends mode, and I have added a few enhancements to the in-cabin arm and partition, which I have made compatible with the SiS® accessories package and now you can add a variety of accessories as you can see from the pictures, I do not need to use it anymore with this mode if there are those who use that mode passive and just use this mode and now I have more fuel storage for all models of scania 2016 I will also see from the cover image that all scania 2016 ‘ The 2400 liter fuel tank has mods and pictures belong to their own game, and I wish good games for everyone.
mode is compatible with sis’l accessory pack, so you need a sisl accessory package so you can use it fully.

Hocam, Sis’l

  • Hocam
    2018-02-04 21:36
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