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Scania S730 v1.0
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Scania S730 v1.0

New generation Scania S730.
Truck is v1.0 version.
It has:
1 Cabin, 1 chassis, 1 engine.On future I plan to make more variants.
Truck is standalone, found on Scania dealership


  • Mods90
    2016-12-13 21:27
    This is for all Scania P lovers! And dreamcatcher!!! Fake as shit, but I liked it!
  • Cruise
    2016-12-13 21:28
    Fake 100%, don't download.
  • Maestro
    2016-12-14 02:23
    Fake! Brazilian kids that don't have anything else to do with their pitiful lives...
  • Schenker-driver
    2016-12-14 12:15
    Fake and Shit !!! Only RjL is in the State, when having Permission, to make good Scania´s.Blaming the Community with Fakemods like this.Go home playing with your Matchbox-Trucks. Is better for you. :-)
  • Amiralzboubi
    2016-12-15 03:49
    ou il et le scania 730 car je l'es telecharger le scania qu'il me donnec'est un 330?????????????
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