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Scania Series 4 re-edited by Solaris36
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Scania Series 4 re-edited by Solaris36

Only 1.20.x or higher game version!!

Standalone. In traffic 4×2 + tandem with trailers (few variants).
You can see it parked too.
Added 4×2 bdf tandem chassis. (First prototype by SCANIA260.)
Few tandem trailers and cargos included.
Added optionally parts, accessories, tunning parts….
Cabin accessories DLC add-on included in RAR.
Added Bennekeben´s Scania V8 sound. Thank you!! :-)
Thank you to VayaTela for good ideas. :-) LY

Solaris36, Satan19990, Bennekeben, SCANIA260, VayaTela

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