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Scania Streamline Reworked [beta]
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Scania Streamline Reworked [beta]

At the very beginning I'd like to thank you for downloading my mod.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Mod: GTMods Streamline Reworked
Author: GT-Mike
Version v0.9 beta

What this mod does?
This mod replaces ingame Scania Streamline with a Similar although higher (in my opinion) quality model
with propper chasis with V8 bumper and cabins with spoilers as well as adding v8 sideskirts for 6x chasis.
Icons, prices etc are left unaltered.

Mod is unlocked so you may alter it in any way you find propper for your needs.
If you want to use parts of this mod feel fre to do it
It also would be very kind if you placed my name in credits ;)

Installing mod:
Just place the .scs archive in your .../Euro Truck Simulator2/mod folder

Known issues:
As front bumper uses a differrent model some bottombars may not fit properly. I may eventually fix it.
Highline cab spoiler may not show skins properly - that is a beta issue and will be fixed with next release.

-Mod created by GT-Mike
-Chasis models reworked: GT-Mike (original by SCS software)
-Prefabs and Textures: SCS Software

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