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Scania Streamline Stock Rework
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Scania Streamline Stock Rework

This mod is a complete rework on a stock Scania Streamline, to try to offer as many Stock options as possible.

Cab Options:
- Lowcab (NEW) (credits to Smith Engineering for the original R-Series Daycab)
- Normal Cab
- Normal Cab with Highline Airkit (NEW)
- Highline without Airkit (NEW)
- Highline with standard Highline Airkit
- Highline with Topline Airkit (NEW)
- Topline

Interior Options:
- Lowcab Interior for UK and EU (NEW)

Chassis Options:
- 4×2
- 6×2
- 6×2 Rear Tag (NEW)
- 6×4

Engine/Styling Options:
- Deeper V8 bumper, chrome trim and V8 style headlights (NEW) (only available on V8 engines)
- Normal bumper, non-chrome trim and standard headlights (NEW) (only available on non-V8 engines)

- Reworked V8 sideskirt for 4×2 and 6x chassis – currently no standard sideskirt for 6x chassis (NEW)

Misc Changes:
- Reworked DRL’s in headlights, and added working foglights (NEW)
- LED rear lights (NEW) (credits to ZilpZalp)
- Optional Lightbox for the Topline Cab only – the texture can be found in /vehicle/truck/upgrade/decals/scania_streamline/lightbox_sign.dds (NEW)

Known Issues:
- Metallic Paints do not work 100%, despite mod being based on ETS2 v 1.10
- Stock Paintjobs do not work – these have been disabled to avoid issues
- Some B_Grill accessories do not show correctly with the V8 bumper
- New template included to show new location of airkit and grill for painting.

Da Modza Customs, Smith Engineering, ZilpZalp, SCS

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