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Scania T Accessories ReMoled V8 for 1.21
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Scania T Accessories ReMoled V8 for 1.21

Moles last update list . Remoled V8 is exactly the same .

-kelsa bars for sideskirts, roof grill, front grill, bottom grill.
-Numerous LED lights and blinkers.
-Burger lights from k4k4k4's mod.
-Edited version of the scania t lightbox from Maxx2504.
-Edited version of the "SUPER" logo.
-Side lollypop positioners and blinkers.
-New versions of the 50keda sunshields with extra lights.
-50keda's lightboxes wont be available anymore.
And a lot of other things that I can't remember.

Changelog V3:
-Fixed foglights.
-Fixed Kelsa XL Front grill.
-Fixed number of hookup points on back bumper.
-Fixed location of some kelsa roof grill hookup points.
-Fixed hookup points rotation on the right sideskirt stripes.
-Added 10 new auxiliar lights.
-Added edited and fixed version of V8K-Blaine's bullbars.
-Added 2 new marker lights.
-Added 4 5th wheel covers.
-New chrome texture to the kelsa bars.
-Added color version of the kelsa bars.

Rework Credits Solutech,Salessio2,Ghostrider2800

Original Mod by Mole
Original Truck by RJL,SCS
Accessories by 50keda, k4k4k4, Maxx2504, V8K-Blaine

  • Jonah
    2015-10-13 21:12
    I cannot unzip this file man :(
  • Heinzdk
    2015-10-14 13:04
    You are not the only one. I have the same probleme
  • Apbode
    2015-10-14 21:03
    it´s a fake
  • Jonah
    2015-10-14 21:21
    Yeah for the parts this mod have includet it is to little fileBut why man...
  • Jonah
    2015-10-15 16:07
    I hope this is working link http://uploadfiles.eu/ac5ncdxt8zkq/____Scania_T_Accessory_ReMoledV8_R1.scs.html
  • Jonah
    2015-10-15 16:09
    If this didn´t work you can search in google.
  • Gryngo
    2015-10-16 15:26
    Failed __ modhub.us
  • Gryngo
    2015-11-22 17:15
    skin "VERBEEK" to 1.21.1s plese
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