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Scania T Mod v1.10
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Scania T Mod v1.10

Content list:
-Normal, High Line, Topline and longline cabins. Includes So Topline EXC cabin Which is longer than Topline but shorter than longline.
-4x2, 6x2 / 2, 6x2 * 2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4 / 2 and 8x4 * 2 for all cabins.
Hood visible in interior view.
-All Scania R and Streamline engines with T-badges.
-Lot of custom and tuning parts.
-And something more ...

Known issues:
Chassis shadow is not perfect.
Third-UV-map does not work but is very small trouble.
-Some parts june have finnish name because i do not know english name them. If you know english name please notify it to me.
-The icons are not perfect. If there is missing icons please report it to me.
Hood in interior view takes color from base color. It's not skinnable.

Credits: RJL/Fordsonmies, 50keda, SCS Software

  • Samuele
    2014-06-11 12:33
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    hello I had a proposal to ask the author for this mod .......... in the future will be also available for scania r normal and streamline? I await response
  • Patrick
    2014-06-17 16:34
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    Problem when an impression on tolls...
  • Marc
    2014-06-17 22:49
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    it dosent Work. no colour the hole truck are transparent i can look in side the cabin from out side look like glass. What is the problem ?
  • Pete379
    2014-06-23 02:31
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    this mod is a very cool truck but I have some problems with the lights on the back of the truck when I click on a point nothing shows up. can anybody tell me why this happens?
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