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Scania T4 series addon for RJL Scanias [1.28]
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Scania T4 series addon for RJL Scanias [1.28]

This is an addon mod for RJL Scania T and Scania R.
For a several technical reasons, it does not add any new parts for those trucks. Instead, it adds new standalone 4-series truck which can be customized in the same way and as much as those two already existing truck mods.

Changelog V2.2 to V2.2.1:
-Updated the mod for 1.28 patch
-Fixed trailer attaching problems with advanced coupling enabled
-Adjusted 8x and 10x fifth wheel positions for the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC (once again, hope that's the last time)
-Added 3.80 rear differential for use with heavy loads

Mod creator: RJL/Fordsonmies, Mak-Kyver (helping with interior)
Others: GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123, EED123, NewTon (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)

  • Rjl


    2017-08-08 20:34
  • Valdza
    2017-08-13 12:58
    1.28 beta?
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