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Scania Torpedo Longline Sexy Lady by Mark Bluemanc
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Scania Torpedo Longline Sexy Lady by Mark Bluemanc

This file will tell You how to skin the Tcab Longline:
Inserted are the paintjob related files of the GT-Mods Tcab,
The skin procedure is the same as in all trucks,
Kenneth Mühlbrandt, Mark Bluemanc, Casey ter Ouderen and Freddy Jimmink
re-worked the template for the Tcab Longliner and skinned it as a try-out for every-1
The new template is included in the file, so You can skin Your own,
When distributing give ALL credits to all who worked on this mod.

Credits Truck:
Fordsonmies, 50keda, GT Mike, SCS Software
Credits Skin and re-worked Template:
Keneth Mühlbrandt
Mark Bluemanc
Casey ter Ouderen
Freddy Jimmink


  • Higor
    2014-02-26 04:39
    Mod Muito bom, Eu estava a procura dele a muito tempo
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