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Scania V8 & L6 sound mod UPDATED to v7.3
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Scania V8 & L6 sound mod UPDATED to v7.3

Hi all,
Here is my 7th V8 and L6 sound mod version for the Scania's.
This mod comes with two combined engines sounds. The sound depends of the engine you bought in the shop.
The V8 sound has been really improved in this version. The straight 6 engine sound has been reworked too.

This sound mod works for : Scania T 1.5, R, Streamline, & R2008 50Keda reworked by Matdom (2.2).
Here's two videos of the sound on the R series
A big thanks to my friend Matt Streamline for his help to make this nice sound.

UPDATE 7.3 Here are the changes :
New V8 engine sound (see video).
L6 engine sound is the same as the previous version (7.2), i just added a new sound when you release the gas pedal while driving.


  • Stefan schramm
    2015-03-09 17:54
    der sound ist gut aber eine frage wie Heisst eigendlich die map die du zu den video hinzugefĆ¼gt hast die sieht gut aus wo grige ich die herr
  • Desley
    2015-03-10 05:15
    nice sound
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