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Scania V8 Real Engine Sound V2
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Scania V8 Real Engine Sound V2

Version Sound Mod V2 rev3.2
Just Delite old version and replace with this one New Sound mod V2 rev3.2 and you done!

INFO ChangeLOG :
In this mod i did clear the sounds for exterior, no more whistle sound on background and now sounds for rpm are bit longer .
The rest is manteining same

Volume ajustment sii file:
If you don't like the exterior sound volume pls ajust it for your like and needs, to ajust volume  just open one of the sound mods you use if use two sound mods so you have to do this in each one sond mod,
Open scs sound mod folder then open; def/vehicle/truck/scania.50k_r_high/sound/exterior.sii and then finde lines that will start from:

sound_engine_data: .e0
    name: "/sound/truck/scania/ext/500rpm.ogg"

    looped: true

    pitch_reference: 720

    min_rpm: 0.0
    max_rpm: 740.0
    volume: 0.30                <---------------------------------- Change only this value numbers that will ajust the sound of exterior

You have to ajust also the sounds of exterior exhaust that will falow right after the 2000rpm.ogg !
So now you can ajust the volume your self hope you understand this is not hard! And never forgot to make a backup of mod!
Recomendation you also have to try:
Strong recomend to use with this mod  RoadNoise v1.2 :
Is included in this pack.
Instalation Road Noise v1.2 :
Just drop the rar file in to your mod folder and from game menu active the mod and you done! enjoy beter expirence of trucking!
Many cool stuff you can not the cab cracking noise the road noise and many more....

Best regards ComandoreOne.
Cya next time  enjoy :)


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