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Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v1.2
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Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v1.2

Here is my latest scania v8 sound for ETS2, now with new 1000 and 1600 rpm sound samples and minor changes. it works with SCS Scanias, Scania RJL( scania r and streamline modifications v1.3) and Scania v4 by Bogdan.

note: for those having problems to run the mod with scania RJL mod do this:
1- go to your ETS 2 mod folder and open Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.3 with winrar.
2- open def/vehicle/truck/scania.rs/ and delete the folder “sound”.

Aeronildo, SCS software

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