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Scania V8 Sound Mod v10.5
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Scania V8 Sound Mod v10.5

What’s new in it?
- Improved low and high revs’s of the sound.
- Updated definitions for the retarder in the new patch 1.30+
- improved air brakes sounds, tires/bearings sounds, wind sound in cab.

The sound mods is available in two variants:
- One version is the Turbo air gear shifting, this means when you go off throttle you have a loud air turbo sound and no sound when you just shift a gear.
- The second one is for the Opticruise shifting sound.(The one i use in this video).

This sound mod is working with SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R”2.2.2, “T” 2.2.2, and the 6.5 Scania V8 Megamod.


  • Kriechbaum
    2017-12-21 20:38
  • Rafky
    2017-12-22 05:05
    oke gais aku sekarang gak main ets2 ak u bakal bahas cara dowload ets2
  • Philippe
    2017-12-23 02:34
    Kaptan,how do i get your amazing sound louder in my cab??? I would it be a little bit louder.Greetings Philippe
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