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Scania Vabis Tandem Pack
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Scania Vabis Tandem Pack

This mod pack contains Scania Vabis Black skin for R series and Streamline topline trucks.
It also includes complete Scania R and Streamline tandem trucks with new Scania Vabis skin for all
three tandem chassis and tandem trailers.
All tandem trailers now have black rims so this pack also contains black rims mod for Scania trucks.

Mod instalation
Copy all scs files from this folder to your C: My Documents/ETS2/ mod folder and activate mods ingame

How to get tandem trucks
Buy new Scania R or Streamline truck or go to nearest service stop with your Scania truck and buy tandem chassis
Chose from three types of tandem addons
Select Scania Vabis skin
Buy "absolute fury" tires with black rims and you`re good to go
After that sleep twice so that tandem trailers apeare in your job lists
If you want to drive all three tandem trailers combined activate ingame mod "tandem trailer mix".

Model author Flemming V, black rims and skins by Robisierra.

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