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Schmitz 3axe 20ft Pack by SMG 1.31
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Schmitz 3axe 20ft Pack by SMG 1.31

This is a trailer mod by Roadhunter
modifizert by SchuLLi Mod Garage.

ETS2 1.31.xx + all DLCs
add all Trailers for Cables

Credits of Containers, Trailerparts, Cargos and Skins:
EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson, SheryO, Nordisch,
Pauli, Arnook, Reyhan Ramadhan, Richal Lechuza/Donaldboy,
Powerkasi, Ohaha, Sisl , Blade1974, Roadhunter , Gaint Software,
TSM Team, HomerS, FCHris, Jani-7, Molotov, Jani-7, Bora

Pack & Modifizert by SchuLLis Mod Garage

Standalone Trailer Version 2.0
Trailer ready for ETS2 1.31 + all DLCs

Tony1971, EED123, Nordisch, Mr_Zer, Roadhunter, Ventures, SMG and Many More

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