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Westfleisch Gustoland Skin by Steini
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Westfleisch Gustoland Skin by Steini

Hi there!

Skin is drawing by me. The company existing!

1st What do you need is the follow Trailer (works without problems with actually versions of the game, maybe 1.21)

2nd The direction folder:
zZzzzzz_SKO_Hummer Trailer.scsvehicletrailer_eusko_hummer

3rd “Plain.dds” overwrite – YES!

Works without problems of Version: 1.18/ 1.19/ 1.20/ 1.21…
When the Trailer doesn’t work, Roadhunter load a new/ fixed version for Download! Keep your eyes open, when the time comes.

Hafe fun with the Skin(s),


SCS, unknow, Zilpzap, Königszapfen, Roadhunter, Steini

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