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Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed v1.0 by obelihnio 1.35.x
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Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed v1.0 by obelihnio 1.35.x

This mod aims to build a accurate model of the S.KO refrigerated trailer.
The old mod some serious inaccuracies that made any adjustments and fixes hard to do,
so the decision to start from scratch was made.
Almost everything has been built anew, including a completely new chassis with equipment,
much more accurate dimensions and much better modularity.
This will make adding and fixing things easier.
No skins yet, I didn't have time to merge the stuff I have received yet.  :?

Trailer ownership support
Fully stand-alone
Solid and panelled side wall types
Double and quad lock rear doors
Advanced coupling
Animated landing gear
Liftable axle
Realistic weight & dimensions
Cable physics support
Support for SCS license plates as well as EU, UK and Spanish double
style custom plates with front mounted plate for ES.
Support for SCS trailer wheels as well as Ownership trailer wheels by abasstreppas
Includes Aspock Europoint 2 lamps by FreD_ & Europoint 3 by me
Support for custom placement of rear lamps
Support for custom placement of side, rear and bumper markers
Extra general accessories:
Aspock Unipoint 1 marker lights (amber, red, white)
High power reverse work lamps
Current Templates and "My skin add-on": https://modsbase.com/56713bj8xh55/SKO_reconstructed.zip.html


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