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SCS NextGen on 1.28 v1.3 by Sebastian Strobel
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SCS NextGen on 1.28 v1.3 by Sebastian Strobel

Hey Lads,
I decided to make my Scania NextGen scania by SCS public. i ported the hole truck from 1.30 back to 1.28, so u can still use ur mods like Promods whatever, and drive the new Scania.

Will make updates if SCS make a update on the Scania. Will make it until Promods Map is aviable for 1.30.

The actual plan is that I will NOT adding costume tuning parts etc etc… this is ONLY a version to TEST/TRY the New series of Scanias by SCS, without patching. It may have bugs but it is PLAYABLE. Original Paintjobs are disabled cause 1.28 doesn’t support the new paint job system of 1.30.


v1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/337zggnp6 … trobel.scs
– General release
v1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wpic3699l … trobel.scs
– Crash in UK Cabin fixed
v1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/j9r274d89 … trobel.scs
– Crash if u use SoundfixesMod fixed; Removed some unused files, 50k addon DLC added;
v1.3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3u1io2155 … trobel.zip
– L6 Idle sound fixed, was a comprewssion-problem; Thanks @Roddy1990 NOTE: u NEED also the SOUND.scs file wich i uploaded, cause the sound is no more compressed, so the Idle work again. U can find the scs a few lines in the “Addon-Section”
– Used as base the trucks from the latest Beta that means:

Scanias 2016: Doorsteps and front mirrors accessories are required part of the truck
Scanias 2016: Fixed position of window flag locator
Scanias 2016: Switched off light beam for parking light
Scanias 2016: Fixed V8 black panel illumination in exterior view
Scanias 2016: Front mirror accessory is not required
Scanias 2016: Added more accessories (in our case the icons)
Scanias 2016: Changed blinker sounds

Part 1 (Truck): http://uploadfiles.eu/1vj6maishwfz/SCS_nextgen_1.28_1.3_by_Sebastian_Strobel.zip.html
Part 2 (Sound): http://uploadfiles.eu/2acjhr4w1124/SCS_nextgen_1.28_1.3_by_Sebastian_Strobel_sound.scs.html
Part 3 (50k Addon): http://uploadfiles.eu/ng2jn1rob73v/SCS_NEXTGEN_1.28_2.3_50k_addons.zip.html

SCS, Sebastian Strobel (DaStrobel)

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    2017-11-23 21:27
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