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SCS Rus Trailer Pack v2.0 1.30.x
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SCS Rus Trailer Pack v2.0 1.30.x

In the pack includes Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian and CIS skins (firms, companies, enterprises etc).
- More than 100 skins;
- More than 100 companies, firms, enterprises, etc;
- Each number on the trailer corresponds to the region of the location of a company, company, etc;
- Most textures are drawn from scratch, because they were mostly in terrible quality.

Changes v2.0:
- Skins moved to the new mod pack "SCS Trailer Pack v2.0";
- Pack updated for game version 1.30;
- Pak has more than 100 modified skins;
- Added several new skins;
- Updated old skins.

Mod "Trailer Pack v2 SCS.0" is not required as already included in this pack!


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