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SCS Schwarzmuller Reworked v1.0
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SCS Schwarzmuller Reworked v1.0

SCS Schwarzmuller Reworked Trailer.

– There are two versions (both are standalone and doesn’t replace default Schwarzmuller). First with Daf logos and second with Scania logos.
– New wheels from Bora are used.
– Added decorative white element to fenders.
– Added mudflap (with Stiholt and DAF logo).
– Replaced “fake” Joust logo by SCS to real JOST logo.
– Replaced “fake” logos on reefer to real “Carrier” and “Maxima”.
– Added “Schwarzmuller” logos on sides.
– Added “FRC” logo on sides.
– Added ladders in front.
– Added real licence plate. If you wish to change it, go to vehicle/trailer_eu/schwarzmuller/textures and find lp_daf.dds or lp_scania.dds and change it to your own (dont forget to change also alpha on textures to your own),
– Added licence plate light.
– Added more rear red lights (on top and on bumper) and more orange lights on sides.
– Added side lights on pallete box.
– Added toolboxes (both sides).
– Fixed materials (lowered reflection a bit).
– Changed vertices color to be more white (so the trailer is not “gray” anymore).
– Note what skins are NOT supported (i disabled this feature because it wasn’t planned).

SCS, STaNis COne, axelrol, Bora.

  • Mods_ats reuploading thief!
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  • Mods_ats reuploading thief!
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    so you see same as few days before
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