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SCS weather + overcast v1.0
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SCS weather + overcast v1.0

This is default SCS weather with added overcast textures from bad weather. No bloom.
This mod I was made for experiments, and share it for you.
Here just sun profiles without textures, all textures by SCS, no more else.
Compatible with ProMods and EAA maps.
If you have any weather mod like my or IWR or Realistic graphics and so on that have other skybox model than default. Please remove this mods from mod manager before use this mod.

SCS, Piva

  • Fake
    2017-12-14 18:52
    Fake do not download all downloads by aIdimator suggest not to download,there some fakes.Don't download it. by aIdimator fakemaker.
  • Piva
    2017-12-14 18:59
    Idiots, this new modMo reupload
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