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SDMods Heavyweight AddOn v1.0.1
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SDMods Heavyweight AddOn v1.0.1

Merry Christmas to you all and welcome to my Heavyweight AddOn v1.0.1!

This is a texturefix!! (no more red grounds at joblist and trailerbrowser)

This package adds 18 Trailers with 28 to 32 tons Cargo’s to Jazzycat’s Trailer&CargoPack
All trailers are made for ETS2 v 1.25.x/1.26.x with the actual ETS2Studio beta-Version.
In cause of this, this package is a beta-version!
It writes Errors to the log.txt. But ingame they made no problems and run perfectly. No crashes!

The trailers are not enlarged or something else. They have simply a higher cargoweight. Just for fun! So that trucks (with engines higher than 600hp) have to do a little bit more at uphill.

Models: Krone Profiliner by MDModding
Schmitz Universal by MDModding
Cistern Fuel by MDModding
Cement Trailer by MDModding
Fruehauf Maxispeed Lift by samgt13

All Skins created by scania_dragon based on an original Logos, images and live seen trailers
Credits: MDModding, samgt13, SCS, scania_dragon

All trailers are standalone and given to the ai-traffic
DLC North is recommended
DLC Vive la france coming soon
Compatible to ETS2 v 1.25.x/1.26.x

samgt13, MDModding, SCS, scania_dragon

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