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Sega VS Nintendo V2.0
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Sega VS Nintendo V2.0

What it Does:
Adds a new skin for the Volvo FH2012, and 4 new stand alone trailers

Installation instructions
Right click on the zip file, click "extract files", Pop the files in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents \Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod, then go to "edit" on the profile selection screen, and select the mods, ensuring you click "ok"

Changes: V2
- New 4k Texture for a higher quality skin
- New artwork
- Fixed issue with trailers spawning at inappropriate companies
- Fixed issue with "Sega Products" cargo not spawning

- Compatibility:
Since everything is stand alone, it should have no conflicts with any other mods, unless you have mods installed which change the curtain side trailer model, or the Volvo FH2012

How to find the skin:
The truck skin is not set to "stock" so you will need to locate it in the paint shop.
The Skin only works on the Globetrotter XL cab.

The trailers MAY reset your game, since they add new cargo, so make sure you finish your current job before activating/deactivating them.

I (the creator of this fine mod) give you (the user) the permission to do what the bloody hell you want with it, share it, give it away, improve it, use the base of it to create other mods, claim it's yours. Hell, you can print it out and decorate your house with it, if it makes you happy.


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