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Sexy Truck Mania
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Sexy Truck Mania

Sexy Truck Simulator 2.x  for and TSM 4.5.2 :
Hi Friends.. Europe is the rich continent, I called it as " Paradise" so that I make my MOD for more rich appearance, more entertainment and more fun. Let us enjoy..

This STM_2.X tested and works with all Versions of ETS 2 1.4.8 TO, TSM 4.1.2 to 4.5.2, DLC East and all other Maps.

Special New features of the add-on :
New loading screen,New music,New drivers,New player logos,New company logos,New color map,
New economy with no damage,New autumn,New physics,New lighting,new sounds,new companies,
New heavy trailer weights,New textures,New al traffic,New Buildings,New cargo rates and many more.
Above 300 sexy Girls are waiting for your entertainment.

Installation instructions :
Start with new game for better appearance,Put my three mods into my Document/Euro truck simulatot 2/Mod folder.
Play one or two loads after that install the TSM version (for TSM users only) because of game economy problems,
for normal game no problem.For better Quality Change the Graphics as below.

1.Scaling                          50%
2.Anti-aliasing                    off
3.High Dynamic Range(HDR)          ON
4.Depth of Field (DOF)             ON
5.sun shafts                       off
6.Colour correction                on
7.Reflection details               medium
8.Vegetation details               medium
9.Grass density                    high
10.Shadow quality                  disabled
11.Shadow texture size             low
12.weather quality                 medium
13.mirror quality                  high
14.mirror distance                 medium
15.texture quality                 high
16.Anisotropic filtering           default
17.normal map                      on
18.Traffic headlights              on
19.secondary vehicle lights        on
20.light visibility ranges         high
21.pedestrians                     on

This STM add-on for adults only,
Don'T PUT OtHER MODS This add-on contains all only skins and truck taffic skins allowed other wise the Game shall crash,
FOr TSM Users please put the TSM modification files in to TSM destination folders and re pack and play for extra fun.
Don't take heavy weight loads initial stages after buying new high power engine it is no problem

SIS Soft,TSM Team,svd.co.in,and all Other Mod creators
Thanking you
With regards

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