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SfeetFx + Reshade 64 Bit v2.0
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SfeetFx + Reshade 64 Bit v2.0

-Only for 64 bit
-Settings to leave HDR and the sun's rays , as in the screenshot below .
-Improved brightness, clarity, saturation .
-Improved anti-aliasing. By default SMaa is enabled. Can be changed to FXaa.
-Settings are in the folder “SfeetFXSweetFX_Settings.txt” open it and in settings, ” Choose effects” to change the 0(off) 1(on).
-Anti-aliasing must be enabled on only one, either SMaa or FXaa.
-Installation: All files from archive throw in a folder “Euro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64”.
-In the game “vclick” and F12 you can take screenshots one by pressing “Scroll Lock”
-Note: Make a copy of the folder “win_x64” in case if you do not like or something!
-PS: enjoy the game !


  • Aleksey_tok
    2017-12-15 17:16
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