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SGate Weather Mod For ETS v1.2 (1.30.x)
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SGate Weather Mod For ETS v1.2 (1.30.x)

Mod changes the texture of the skybox and various weather phenomena. Used the skybox texture from ATS, and weather settings SGate.
Night there is a moon.

Update 17.12.17
Mod adapted to the game version 1.30.x

Test on version 1.30.x

Original: SGate (BlackOpen) Author adaptation: Abasstreppas

  • Fuck
    2017-12-17 12:17
    Mod from 2016. No updateUpload by ets2modsru - пидарас, козел ебаный, тварь.
  • Victor_atros
    2017-12-17 12:47
    Idiots, mod update to scs forum
  • Fuck
    2017-12-17 14:26
    Look at date of files, idiot
  • Иди на хуй
    2017-12-17 15:55
    Тупой единорог)
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