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SibirMap demotest 1.35.x
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SibirMap demotest 1.35.x

Recognizable landscapes of Western Siberia (steppes, forest-steppes, taiga)
Cities and large towns
Detailed study of the area (according to panoramas and satellite images)
Zoomed-in map for the sensations of a really long trip and displaying the necessary details
City walks, federal highways, and local roads
Custom map objects

Now on the map are two regions - Omsk and Tyumen regions

- Map scale 1 \ 3.
- A functioning economy, custom companies regional, federal, international (Baikal-Service, Magnit, Omsk Bacon, Gazprom, Agriculture, Ikea, Nizkotsen, Krasnoe & Beloe, etc.).
- Several complex interchanges made by hand, without the use of default prefabs.
- Added the city of Ishim, modeled on panoramas, very close to reality.
- More than 500 (!) Custom objects, including stellas, houses, etc.
- A few small Easter eggs that can be found by carefully examining the map.
- All car dealerships on the map!
- Two garages.

- Significant expansion of the city of Omsk
- A section of the P254 highway from Omsk to Kalachinsk
- Locations: Kormilovka
- New firms
- Added a lot of objects
- Multiple minor fixes made
- Optimization and a small revision of the old sections of the map


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