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Simple Tachograph for ETS2/ATS v1.0
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Simple Tachograph for ETS2/ATS v1.0

1. Copy entire "Simple Tachograph" folder somewhere on your computer.
2. Install the plugins:
from "Plugins" folder copy entire "bin" folder into the folder where game is installed:
...\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ or ...\American Truck Simulator\.
It should be like this (as an example):
g:\Games\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\plugins\telemetry_tedit_x64.dll

Attention! For its work, the program must be running. If you close the program, tachograph will not work!

A simple tachograph that considers "driving time" (daily, weekly and two-weeks) and "rest time". If the speed is more than 1 km/h, then driving time is considered, otherwise rest time is considered. During the game, you can press the hotkey to display the tachograph information in the game console (the default is the F12 key).

In the program settings you can set the following parameters (in minutes):
- the maximum total daily driving time;
- the maximum total weekly driving time;
- the maximum total two-week driving time;
- the minimum continuous rest time per day;
- the minimum continuous rest time per week.
In addition, you can assign a hotkey to display tachograph information in the game console.

After a week's rest, the time of driving for a week is first copied into the driving for the second week, and then resets. In addition, the current playing time is remembered - this is the time of the beginning of a new working week (it is shown in the console as "New week time").

Over 1 hour and 20 minutes before the end of driving time (daily, weekly or two-weeks), the player is notified (sound and in the game console) at intervals of every 20 game minutes.

* recommend disabling the default fatigue emulation.
* the program can be minimized to the system tray, so as not to interfere on the screen.


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