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SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC v2.4
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SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC v2.4

New Items Require: 1.25 and over..

This mod contains over 500+ cabin accessory items suitable for your taste, bringing female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck driver needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, lots of scarves, fresheners, toys and many many more…

It requires Cabin Accessories DLC currently only for ETS2.

Also contains some items that you can easily customize for your own preference like Picture frame, your own mug, your country flag that you can download from official Facebook page Download tab. Detailed info about customization is also on Facebook page.

[orange]What’s new in Version 2.4?[normal]

– Added 4 spoke and 3 spoke Wheels for all trucks that is compatible with 1.25+ changes

– Knob: Football (Black & white, Yellow & Navy, Red & White, Green & White, Claret & Blue, Yellow & Red)
– Knob: Golf Ball
– Knob: Globe Compass
– Knob: Compass
– Knob: Baseball
– Knob: Terminator T-800
– Knob: Standart V2 Sedef (Pearl) (Customizable)
– Knob: Standart V2 Black (Customizable)
– Knob: Standart V2 Sedef 2
– Knob: Standart V2 Black
– Knob: Skull
– Knob: Lightsaber Skywalker Family
– Knob: Lightsaber Obi-wan Kenobi
– Knob: R2-D2
– Knob: Phasma
– Knob: Death Star
– Knob: Boba Fett
– Knob: BB-8

– Fixed various bugs especially with items for the windshield


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