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SiSL’s Trailers Pack v1.16
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SiSL’s Trailers Pack v1.16

Mod contains more than 540 trailers of the best European logistics and cargo companies with original skins.
– Skins for each trailer are created by original photos and have official brand colors.
– Skin belongs to only one trailer and does not repeat to others, which saves you productivity.

Who has DLC “Schwarzmüller” in the archive is addon, with which you can change skins.
– The archive also contains an addon for replacing standard skins with skins from SISL.
– autonomous, in traffic

version v1.16:
– Updated more than 400 skins to better match real analogs.
– Added a lot of skins of real companies-
cargo carriers as for elongated / double trailers, and for tandems.
– The skins of the companies placed on trailers have been optimized and updated:
– Krone Dry Liner
– Krone Cool Liner
– Krone Profi Liner TIR
– Profi Liner
– on different containers
– fuel and food tanks, including Willig cisterns.

SiSL’s Trailer Pack – Schwarzmüller Addon
Adds new brands of trucking to Schwarzmüller trailers.
To work, you need DLC “Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack”.

SiSL’s Trailer Pack – SCS Replacement Addon
This addon replaces the default trailers from SCS to SiSL trailers.
This is especially important for people who like to use online contracts (WoT) and do not want to abandon new skins on trailers. Thus, add-on modifies trailers in companies, making them suitable for online contracts.
If you do not create your own trailer sets from the Wizard,
this can also be used to select trailers from companies in the freight market.
In principle, this mod binds trailers to companies.

SiSL’s Trailer Pack – Doubles Everywhere Addon
This add-on adds dual trailers to the package of SiSL trailers, which will now be available in any country on the map.
Gigaliner’s doubles are not available in many countries in real life. Thus, you can see that some companies have a “default skin” on a small trailer.
WARNING: The size of the cargo areas in some companies may be too small for them. Use it at your own risk !!!
Does not work without “SiSL’s Trailer Pack SCS Replacement addon” and the main mode.

The Trailer Wizard adds screenshots for each trailer. Now you can preview (in the preview) how each trailer looks, including extended lugs.

All trailers are present in traffic.


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