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Skin Otelo Herbie Iveco Hi-way
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Skin Otelo Herbie Iveco Hi-way

Herbie (born 1963 in Wolfsburg, Germany) is a fictional character, a Volkswagen Sedan with certain human characteristics, which has been used in several Disney movies from 1968 with the film, The Love Bug. The car has self-awareness and is able to conduct its own, without requiring driver. Although its front part is mostly composed of fixed metal parts, Herbie is narrowly able to bend and change of position, allowing him to return his very expressive face (or expressionless at appropriate times). It is a serious contender in auto racing competitions. Herbie is distinguished by its creamy yellow, with three stripes of red, white and blue colors that cross back and forth and a number "53" painted on the front doors and engine cover. In some Latin American countries was known as Love Bug.


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