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Skin RD Plastics for Scania RS RJL
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Skin RD Plastics for Scania RS RJL

Skin "RD Plastics" for Scania RS RJL. It works with the usual Scania RS RJL, and Scania RS RJL Tandem. The archive also includes:
- BDF Pack, in which all the trailers (except tanks) have skin "RD Plastics".
- Scania RS Tandem, it freight booth also painted in the skin.
- Coolliner Tandem with similar coloring.
Test version 1.22

BDF Tandem: Flemming V.
Scania RS RJL Tandem: RJL, Capital Logistic.
Coolliner Tandem: Capital Logistic.
Skin: Pauly.

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