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SKM Exteneded Map V1.7.1
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SKM Exteneded Map V1.7.1

SKM Exteneded Map brings more depots to the base map, and now its compatible with the new DLC, Scandinavia is need to use our map otherwise it will cause your game to crash

– Added support for DLC Scandinavia
– New Depots in Szczecin
– New Depots in Poznan
– DLC Hotels in some UK cities
– Polaris Lines Ferry in hull

SKM Team, SCS Software

  • Pegtrucker
    2015-05-11 01:59
    Great mod with one little issue. The roll up door on your garage seem to vanish. Disable the mod and they are back
  • Skywatcher
    2015-05-23 08:14
    Found a bug with the Gdynia ferry. Arrived from Karlskrona sideways with my trailer shoved through the ferry's bulkhead. Disabled the mod and no longer spawn inside the ferry.
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