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SKM Exteneded Map v1.8.0
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SKM Exteneded Map v1.8.0

The long awaited next update to the SKM Exteneded map, we have further reworked the uk and refined it. Below is a list of changes and new features in this version:

Further Reworking of Manchester, Grimsby and liverpool
Reworked Cities: Berlin, Magdeburg, Duisburg, Dortmund and Hanover
Compatibility With ETS2 V1.18
Removed old Majestic Branding
Further DLC Compatibility
Fixed issues with ferries
Map Fixes
New DLC companies in Europe
New Loading Screen Images
Damage is now turned on

Our Blog: http://skmmapets2.blogspot.co.uk/
Like our map and wish to donate, Donations are greatly appriecated and are completly voluntary: https://imraising.tv/u/skmproductions
IF reuploading to another hoster then keep our original link please, we cant track raw downloads otherwise.

SKM Team, SCS Software

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