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Skoda Octavia BETA
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Skoda Octavia BETA

this mod is beta version .this mod is decated and tuned and converted by seyed masih{me}
i like this auto skoda_octaviai have created second version of this mod soon.
1.no low fps
2.real 3d logo
3.real sound
4.interior{tnx weeda}
5.hd textures
6.fixed all parts
1.few tuning
2.need new b_grill
this mod is my 2{second} official mod .pleade dont laugh to me.i love to you support me and comment and test this mod.
i love to be better in future.
i can create yor special mod for free for you.
gmail:[email protected]
if you like to have your special mod for free comment or contact me by gmail.
special tnx for diablo and rayan gaming to their best mods.
tnx from amirhossein davatgary to learn me convert 3d model to mod. iam come from iran and soon i have big test that creat my future and of this reason h havent very time to moding.i have 20 min time for modding ans playing.
i must learn do quiz.
my other project:
1.peugeot 407{version2}
2.peugeot206{order by rayan gayming}
4.volvo s60{ivcha}
if you like to order me to creat your special mod for free please contact me by:[email protected]
please dont laugh and angry for my mod problem because for my little time and this is my second car.
tnx to alll
i love you very much
tnx from amir_dvg

seyed masih{iran}

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