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Skoda Octavia RS 2016 Alpha
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Skoda Octavia RS 2016 Alpha

The first alpha version of Skoda Octavia RS 2016.
May contain bugs.
What is has:
3D Model Octavia RS (needs some work though)
Octavia RS Wheels + Red Caliper
2 Engines (2.0TDI and 2.0TSI , 184bhp and 230bhp)
RS sign can be added to the fornt grill through the upgrade shop.
You can find it at any truck dealer!


  • Cruise
    2017-01-06 13:04
    Upload by mods_ats - fake 100%Best mods for ETS2:ets2moding.ru
  • Cruise
    2017-01-06 13:05
    Author text: PLEASE RESPECT DOWNLOAD LINK!mods_ats - чтоб ты сдох, козел!
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