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Small hud mirror and some extra’s
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Small hud mirror and some extra’s

This little mod can be placed on top in your mod folder, it works from version 1.23 up to 1.25.
Smaller HUD mirror right corner, navigation on the bottom line, with or with-out map. see picture.
some extra’s like less police fines and change heights of the fine, some pay more some less, changed the trigger distance for garage doors so don’t go to fast or you bump to the door. no damage to trailer, but a little damage to your truck, so watch out! parking bonus to 500 xp, driving hours +1 sleeping hours -3, you can change that in /def/economy_data.sii. Bank loans changed with lower interest. and i probably forgot somthing but you will find out.
grtz Zeeuwse Trucker.


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