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Snow Miku 2016 Combo Skin for Volvo FH
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Snow Miku 2016 Combo Skin for Volvo FH

DO NOT reupload to other file hosting websites (I need to keep track of my downloads)
Instead, share my skin mods with its original download link.

I enhanced the images and cropped where fit(and some other edits) to suit the skin project.

Full credits to mamenomoto, Kotatsu Otogi and fan artists of Snow Miku 2016 that is featured in this project (I do not own the art). Full story, instructions and other info in the readme file.
Also to Fred_Be and the team for the trailer.

I do recommend to use this skin mod along with any snow/winter mods.
For the Volvo truck, I recommend to use Ohaha’s Volvo FH 2013 or Pendragon’s Ohaha Volvo FH 2013 replacement for Volvo FH 2012

Tested in 1.22

Author: Samemori

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