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Sound Fixes Pack + Hot Pursuit Sounds v6.0 1.21
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Sound Fixes Pack + Hot Pursuit Sounds v6.0 1.21

More surround sound for the interior (eg lever, parking brake, flasher, ignition)
+ Realistic sound of tires in the interior and exterior sounds when driving at high speed,
+ New sound of gravel while driving on dirt roads,
+ Some UI Sound diminished,
+ Changed the sound of the collision and the sounds of driving on bumpy roads or in contact with small obstacles,
+ Wind sounds a little more in the cabin when you drive at high speed,
+ Hear the faint sound of vehicles going to overtake,
+ If you go too fast, a police siren will sound louder,
+ Compatible with all modern trucks. It does not replace the sounds of trucks.
- Increased volume retarder,
- Balance the volume of sounds,
- Replace the music from your phone to tune to a more realistic feeling (the volume of the music will depend on the volume of music in the audio settings).
In archive two fashion:
- Enabled the police siren (file Sound Fixes pack - Police ON v5.2.scs),
- A police siren off (Sound Fixes pack - Police OFF v5.2.scs).
The files contain the manifesto.

Drive Safely.

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