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Sound pack for all trucks 1.36 Update
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Sound pack for all trucks 1.36 Update

Changelog 21.01.20
Added missing 16-liter engines for Volvo FH2012. Updated

Update 20.01.2020:
- Many Thanks to MIRFI for editing the pack and adding TGX E6, Scania NG, Renault T.
- Added support for RJL Scanias (R, R4, T, T4)
- Everything else was untouched and/or updated! Please do not ask for further support since I retired from modding!

- Realistic indiviual blinker sounds
- Scania V8 sound based on kriechbaum's mod with various edits from me
- Some new environmental and mover sounds
- Lowered volume of ferry and train sounds
- Raised volume and tweaked cabin sounds

drholz, update Mirfi

  • Drholz
    2020-01-22 01:42
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